When you devote your life to the automotive industry like we do, you learn a few things about vehicles and the people who drive them. For instance, nearly half of Americans (42%) name their cars. There's even a National Name Your Car Day (October 2nd, if you're curious).

At Motor Trends of Houston, you can count us among that 42%. We name every vehicle we select to be in our inventory.

After all, you spend hours, days or weeks researching the perfect vehicle. And so we too go the extra mile to learn each vehicle’s “personality” and give him or her a name. Characteristics of the particular make and model play a part in our name choice, as well as the vehicle’s specific features or unique options.

Why do we care so much about each car we sell? Sure, we’re in business to match buyers with vehicles. But vehicles are much more than just pieces of machinery.

We spend a lot of time in our vehicles. We rely on them to get from point A to point B and to keep our friends and families safe. Some of our most significant memories are made in our vehicles, whether it’s a first date with a special someone, preparing for an important work opportunity, or playing license-plate bingo on a family road trip. That’s why, just like any other member of the family, we believe your car deserves a name.

Of course, naming a vehicle is personal. So don’t worry—your vehicle’s name won’t be in the sales contract. You’re free to rename your vehicle or even leave it without a name, if that’s what suits your style. After all, one person’s “Big Red” is someone else’s commuter car. It’s all part of what makes every one of our valued clients unique.

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